Target Market Research

Product and Company Names that are Target Market Tested

If your new product or company name doesn't resonate with the target market, what's the point?

Recognizing that the marketplace and target market drive the naming strategy, we specialize in market research that picks a winner with your target market.

Our Name DNA® research process combines innovative projective techniques with our proprietary Name DNA Detection® and Name DNA Validation® research methodologies.

Qualitative company and product name analysis.

Our Name DNA Detection® qualitative research utilizes projective techniques to get at the core of how your target market perceives a potential corporate name or product name.

Quantitative testing for product and company names.

Whether you're naming a business or looking for the right product name, our proprietary Name DNA Validation® research pinpoints the name that best fits the concept, is most memorable, and can actually be pronounced.

For product and company names that are readily embraced by your target market, contact Strategic Name Development.