Target Market Focused

Through the Eyes of the Target Market

Customers and management rarely see brands the same way. Management gives brands more permission than customers are willing to allow.

Names that are widely accepted by your customers are those that support your brand strategy. Names that miss the mark don't. That's why viewing your product or service name through the eyes of your customers is vital.

In order to ensure success, we train our vision on those who have the power to genuinely embrace your company or product or coldly reject it.

It Starts with Benefits

Starting with the obvious competitive set of brand names, we look for those that will outline the greatest customer benefits. Then we move on beyond the obvious to any technologies or product sets that deliver similar benefits.

Throughout this process, we immerse ourselves in knowledge about the Product and category in question. The end result is a name that reinforces your brand strategy and creates a sound connection with your customers.

Not Just a Product Name, a Trademarkable Product Name

Creating trademarkable product names and service names is exponentially more difficult than it was 10 years ago.

Let's face it. There are only 80,000 words in a typical U.S. dictionary. With over 380,000 annual trademark applications for naming a business and product naming there are precious few words yet to be claimed and registered in the U.S.

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