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Jean Hopfensperger | Star Tribune

Name change can be game changer for nonprofits

Therese Poletti | MarketWatch

Netflix and Qwikster, debacle or deliberate?

Hayley Tsukayama | The Washington Post with Bloomberg Business

Netflix, DreamWorks sign a deal

Suzanne Choney | MSNBC

Qwikster name too quixotic?

Christa Meland | Twin Cities Business

When Should a Company Change Its Name?

Diane Prange | World Trademark Review

Zombie Brands - A gripping view on trademark ressurection

Joab Jackson|CA Changes Name, Again

CA, Inc. Will Now Become CA Technologies

Wailin Wong| Online Pre-Sales of the Droid Incredible Begin

HTC's Incredible New Brand Name De-bunked

Associated Press | ACORN Branches Rename, Rebrand after Video Scandal

After a low brow video, once popular ACORN, decides to rebrand

Alan Bastable | Sumo? Diablo? Itsy Bitsy Monza Spider? If you thought naming your kid was tough, try naming a golf club

How hard is naming a golf club? Imagine a 12 foot putt to win at Augusta. Diane Prange discusses

John Kelly | Metaphorical Benefit-Oriented Names Oust Functional Ones

A rose by any other name, stinks!

Humberto Martinez | Comcast Changes Name to Xfinity

Ready for a name change? Comcast users, welcome to Xfinity

Wailin Wong| From RadioShack to The Shack

What corporate renamings say about the companies

Caryn Rousseau | Sears Tower Renamed Willis

Sears Tower Renamed Willis Tower in ceremony

Caryn Rousseau | Sears Tower Renamed Willis

What you talkin' bout, Willis? Sears Tower renamed

Emily Fredrix | New Name for GM?

Should the new GM start with a new name?

Beth Snyder Bulik & Rupal Parekh | Bank Brand Naming

Rednecks and Tightwads Try to Shake up Bank Marketing

Frank Carnevale | Hugo Chavez Cell Phone Naming

Venezuela's Prez Offers 'Penis' Phone

Mary Ellen Podmolik | Sears Tower Name Change

Sears Tower name change has few Chicago fans

Ann Bagel Storck | What's in a Name?

Meat Product Naming Suggestions

Lindsay Barnett | Naming the Obama Family Dog

Product Naming Company Creates a Formula to Name the Obama Family Dog

Natalie Pomilio | Baby Names for 2009

What's New in Names

Naming the U.S. Economic Recovery

Contest: Name The New Economic Era

Jacqueline Emigh | Cell Phone Naming Success

Does a Cell Phone's Name Spell Its Success?

Key To US Smartphone Market Share

Handset Names Key To US Smartphone Market Share?

Beth Snyder Bulik | Naming Cell Phones

What's in a (Good) Product Name? Sales

Inside Track

The Name Game

Dan Emerson - What's in a Name?

What's In a Name? (In Marketing, Everything)

Sheena Dooley - New Name for New School

RI School Board Narrows Down Names for New School

Jason DeRusha | Good Question

How Do Brands Get Named?

WCCO-TV asks 'How Do Brands Get Named?' - Good Question! View video:

Jeff Sturgeon | FNB, Virginia Financial Group have Identity Issues

The name of the new bank created by the expected merger will be revealed soon.

What's in a Name? For CCHT, it's Aeon

Company name change for CCHT

Research Finds Vowels Key in Product Names

Would you buy an SUV called a Himmer?

What's In a Name? Analysts Say Federated Change Good Move

William Lozito Comments on the Federated Department Stores' Name Change to Macy's

American Public Media Interview

On Monday, October 16th, 2006, William Lozito discussed Sir Paul McCartney's application to register his name as a trademark, in a live radio interview with Diantha Parker on American Public Media's Marketplace Morning Report.

Renaming FEMA

On Monday, July 17th, William Lozito discusses the renaming of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other recent high-profile name changes, in a live radio interview with Patt Morrison on Southern California Public Radio.

Thursday, June 15th, William Lozito debates the Manitoba branding strategy and new tourism slogan, Spirited Energy, with a member of the Manitoba Premier's Advisory Council, in a live radio interview with CJOB Radio in Winnipeg, Canada.

Monday, June 12th, William Lozito talks to Richard Coultier of CJOB Radio in Winnipeg, Canada about tourism slogans in general, and Manitoba's branding efforts. Listen to the live radio interview.

WTIC NewsTalk 1080 in Hartford, CT interviewed Diane Prange about some shifts in naming techniques, future naming trends, Operation Swarmer, and Chomsky and Pushkin. Listen to the audio.

CNN Headline News interviews William Lozito of Strategic Name Development about tips on developing brand names. View video:

New Zealand Radio asked William Lozito his opinion about a California wheelchair manufacturer, naming a wheelchair Spazz.Listen to the audio.

Naming Company Comments on Possible 'Vista' Court Battle

William Lozito, addresses Microsoft's brewing legal battle.

The Name Game: Tread Carefully When Developing Brand Names

William Lozito discusses effective brand name development.

The Power of Niagara: Companies Find Success Using Region's Name to Sell Their Products

William Lozito talks to The Standard about the power and scope of the product name Niagara.