Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture. The Antithesis of Architecture.

No one would think of constructing a building, bridge or tunnel without first starting with the architecture. Brand architecture, on the other hand, usually comes after the fact. The company's products or services, channels of distribution, global expansion, and possibly acquisitions often result in a confusing array of choices for the target market, and often for their own employees, as well.

  1. Simplicity. Chaos Theory posits that behind everything complex there is a simple underlying principle. Nothing could be more true for brand architecture. That is, brand architecture should be simple for the target market and organization to understand. Achieving simplicity from a complex array of products or services is not done in a vacuum, but in partnership with the client.
  1. Insight. Insight leads to an underlying simplicity of brand architecture. Just like a composer's insight for arranging a score for the audience's enjoyment, the insight of brand architecture is to arrange the company's products or services for clarity and ease of use by the target market and organization.

  2. Consistency. Just as the renowned Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, used mathematical principles to establish the perfect intervals in the seven-note musical scale, good brand architecture requires mathematical precision and consistency. Precise mathematical precepts guide the primary intervals and ratios between brands, families and features. In brand architecture, as in music, structure paves the way for creativity.

  3. Courage. Objectively look at yourself as the target market does. And make the necessary changes.
  1. Clarity. Brand architecture is telling a story. Good story- telling consists of a clear narrative and structure. Similarly, good brand architecture consists of the same.

  2. Evolution. Business is dynamic and always evolving. Brand architecture design should be structured to anticipate and embrace this evolution.

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