Name DNA Validation®

Quantitative Name DNA Validation® for Company Naming
and Product Naming

Our proprietary brand name research methodology utilizes the classical measures, plus our proprietary algorithm

Measuring Human Emotions

Name DNA Validation® is a proprietary research methodology we created that quantitatively measures your target market's acceptance of selected brand name candidates. Name DNA Validation® is distinguished from other brand name research methodologies in that it pinpoints the emotional bonding power of your company name or product name with the target market.

The Latest Available Brand Name Research Techniques

We know that phonology — the way a name sounds — always trumps semantics — what a name means. That's why our advanced methodologies measure the correct pronunciation incidence for your brand name. This is a critical measure for naming a business, and is also important for product naming.

Normative Data Comparisons

Our proprietary Name DNA Validation® testing compares results to normative data. What better way to ensure that your company name or product name passes the test and is durable and elastic across time, cultures and categories.

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