Linguistically Based

A Naming Company Steeped in Linguistic Science

We leverage our extensive knowledge of linguistics to help you find meaningful product name candidates that are trademark conflict free.

It takes a solid understanding of both Indo-European and Classical languages to compose new English words and brand names that resonate with both the target market the U.S. Trademark and Patent office.

Our team of linguists from around the globe cut their teeth on modern and classical language studies at Princeton, Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale and Johns Hopkins - naming consultants that are classically trained creatives with the power to craft the next corporate name or product name for your business.

Will Your Product Name or Service Name Play in Peru?

They loved it in Peoria, but what about Peru? When you are planning international ventures, you need a product name that works hard both in the U.S. and around the globe.

Our cadre of linguists ensures that nothing gets lost in translation - or transliteration. As your naming company, we create product names and service names that translate seamlessly to your target market, regardless of what language they speak.

Is Your Product's Name Music or Noise?

Great product names are names that roll off the tongue.

They are short.

They are pronounceable.

Great product names resonate through alliteration, haplology or poetics. When a great name sounds right, you just know it.

Great product names are harmoniously balanced with vowels and consonants alternating evenly throughout. They are music to the target market's ear.

Some of the world's greatest brand names have no obvious meaning or benefit but they are balanced, harmonious and music to the ear:

   Amazon Logo

   Toyota Logo

   Coca Cola Logo

   Lexus Logo

   Panera Logo

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