Built on Brand Strategy

Successful Company and Product Names
are Built on Solid Brand Strategy

Einstein said if he had 60 minutes to save the world, he would spend 55 of those minutes on problem definition.

No other naming company works harder than Strategic Name Development to understand your target market and competitive landscape.

As naming consultants, what we know about building brand strategy, we learned from the companies who perfected it.

Brand architecture know-how.

Your brand name architecture should be flexible enough to simplify the choices of your consumers and business customers by accommodating:

Experience is the key. You benefit from over 10 years of success with building brand strategies. As naming consultants, we continually keep up with the ever-changing arena of naming a business and naming a product or service.

The Branding/Naming Connection

Because your company or product name is built on your brand strategy, branding and naming have a powerful connection. Together they present a vision, create an emotional connection and express the benefits of your product/service to your target group.

Consumer vision.

We look at naming through the eyes of the consumer. Consumers and management rarely see brands the same way. Management gives brands more permission than consumers are willing to allow. Widely accepted names support your brand strategy. Those that miss the mark don't. That's why viewing your business, product or service name through the eyes of your customers is vital. In order to ensure success, we train our vision on those who have the power to genuinely embrace your company or product or coldly reject it.

Benefits oriented.

Starting with the obvious competitive set of brand names, we look for those that will outline the greatest customer benefits. Then we move on beyond the obvious to any technologies or product sets that deliver similar benefits. Throughout this process, we immerse ourselves in knowledge about the company name or product name in question. The end result is a name that reinforces your brand strategy and creates a sound connection with your customers.

For all your brand strategy needs, contact Strategic Name Development.