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  • - This may be the dullest product name and brand proposition for an airline in the history of flight. No wonder it is being grounded. There may be a place for irreverent product names that reference women's anatomy. Airline travel is not one of them.
  • - Dennis Forbes has a great piece on building the perfect domain name. This is a crucial element of many companies' product naming strategies. Take a look!
  • - Interesting thoughts from a person in the business. I'm not sure it will affect our brand name research, but maybe this is one of those blogs that make you go hmmmmm.
  • - Guy Kawasaki has some interesting tips on how to compete by simply pursuing excellence over competitive advantage.
  • - Interesting take on how to creatively build the perfect brand... and career.

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IHG is hunting for a to add to its collection. Already in control of the mid-priced InterContinental and Holiday Inn brands, IHG's new hotel brand name will be positioned below their Holiday Inn Express offering.

Starwood HiltonI think the new hotel brand name will dovetail nicely with the chain's plans on expanding through China and focusing on growth in the Asian gambling center of Macau, where, by the way, Hilton and Starwood are also launching their own hotel chains.

In my opinion this name development project offers a challenge to the person doing the brand name research and brand naming for the new budget hotel brand -should it be a name aimed solely at the Asian market or be with an universal appeal?

We will find out soon enough, probably within the next twelve months.

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Links Du Jour

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  • - Dr. Pepper has nixed a $5 mil repositioning campaign that featured the "mashup" music of assorted rock and roll bands. Looks like the people doing the name research on this one decided against the weird term "mashup" as it applies to Dr Pepper (a "mashup" of 23 flavors) or else the music was just bad.
  • - Could it be that a treadmill/desk mashup (there's that word again!) is the way to fight obesity while at work?
  • - It's more modern, less wicker-ish. Looks like a slick revamp of a trusted brand name.
  • - Another writer has latched on to our fascination with .
  • - Vicks shows mom getting out of hand in the pharmacy. An irreverent commercial that might add a touch of humor to the staid world of OTC brand names.
  • - Seems to me that some groups just do not deserve to be referenced in popular ads. Linking your product name to anything like the KKK is unwise. There's a point when being irreverent crosses the line into being offensive.
  • - This is the March 28th post, look at the entire collection at . My favorite is the Scott Towel fountain - I think this gives real life to the product's brand proposition in regard to absorbency.
  • - Podcasts are taking over the education sphere, and there are already companies out there that are acting as "podcast consultants". This has to be a new trend in product naming, one is called MPReach and helps teachers and students reach each other with thoughts, ideas, and educational materials via their ubiquitous iPods.
  • - Remember Bazooka Joe? He was the main character in the little comics you got in Bazooka Bubble gum comics that also gave you the opportunity to order x-ray sunglasses and whoopee cushions. He's being relaunched by Topps to the tune of $4 million. This brand name was a staple of my childhood and I'm glad that he's getting another crack at life. Go, Joe!

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Mainichi Daily NewsNo. I don't mean Kobe Bryant. I mean Kobe, Japan.

The municipal government of Kobe, Japan offered the naming rights to 690 bus stops within the city to raise money and create a "tighter knit community", said the .

Surprise! Bids for the bus stop names came primarily from brothels, fortune tellers, and loan sharks. One can only imagine what some of the names submitted were.

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Nepal Tourism LogoNepal a repositioning of its tourism brand on March 5: “Naturally Nepal”, with the slogan Once is not enough. I think the colors that are associated with the brand positioning are fresh and bright - possibly too bright, reminiscent of those found in a set of highlighter markers. The CEO of Nepal’s tourism board lauds the new brand, promising that it will promote Nepal’s “true feeling of hospitality, smiling people, festivals throughout the year, extreme adventure and air sports, and meditation".

This new slogan reminded me of Al Reis’s recent commentary in entitled “Why Guatemala’s New Tourism Slogan Doesn’t Work”. Guatemala’s new slogan is Soul of the Earth. Reis suggests that they look at the opposite of their slogan and see if it “applies to the competition”.

Nepal Tourism LogoNepal fails this test. What if another far flung, beautiful place like Cape Town, South Africa went head to head against Nepal in a travel magazine using the slogan Cape Town: Once IS Enough. Which would seem more appealing? I would guess that the average big spender long hauler is out for a trip of a lifetime, and wants to ensure his junket to the end of the earth is indeed enough. Granted, Nepal does want to become a travel destination of choice for Indians, but if I lived in Bombay I would rather return, again and again, to a place where once is enough because that would mean twice is more than enough.

blog addresses some other timely tourism advertising and so does . Also check out , where he comments on his state's new slogan ().

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