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  • - Dr. Pepper has nixed a $5 mil repositioning campaign that featured the "mashup" music of assorted rock and roll bands. Looks like the people doing the name research on this one decided against the weird term "mashup" as it applies to Dr Pepper (a "mashup" of 23 flavors) or else the music was just bad.
  • - Could it be that a treadmill/desk mashup (there's that word again!) is the way to fight obesity while at work?
  • - It's more modern, less wicker-ish. Looks like a slick revamp of a trusted brand name.
  • - Another writer has latched on to our fascination with .
  • - Vicks shows mom getting out of hand in the pharmacy. An irreverent commercial that might add a touch of humor to the staid world of OTC brand names.
  • - Seems to me that some groups just do not deserve to be referenced in popular ads. Linking your product name to anything like the KKK is unwise. There's a point when being irreverent crosses the line into being offensive.
  • - This is the March 28th post, look at the entire collection at . My favorite is the Scott Towel fountain - I think this gives real life to the product's brand proposition in regard to absorbency.
  • - Podcasts are taking over the education sphere, and there are already companies out there that are acting as "podcast consultants". This has to be a new trend in product naming, one is called MPReach and helps teachers and students reach each other with thoughts, ideas, and educational materials via their ubiquitous iPods.
  • - Remember Bazooka Joe? He was the main character in the little comics you got in Bazooka Bubble gum comics that also gave you the opportunity to order x-ray sunglasses and whoopee cushions. He's being relaunched by Topps to the tune of $4 million. This brand name was a staple of my childhood and I'm glad that he's getting another crack at life. Go, Joe!

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Links Du Jour

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  • - Seems as if a little slacking goes a long way in making us more creative.
  • - Pickle Theory: The "perceived value" of your company, and how it goes up and down from when you start the enterprise to when you start making money.
  • - Wal-Mart Recruits Bloggers? Is Wal-Mart using bloggers to counter recent negative PR about the store?
  • - Cheap cold medicines like Sine-Off have often been the base for the creation of methamphetamine, but no more, as Sine-Off changes its formula and its brand to keep people clean. Will it really work?
  • - NCAA March Madness on Demand is in full steam, slamming the critics who sad that on demand video stream sports would never fly. 1.2 million video streams later, we find the doubters were wrong: we are indeed willing to watch sports on the laptop.

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Brand Naming: The Alphabet Soup of Naming

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Alphabet SoupI’m pleased that the March 17th article, When a Drug Maker Creates a New Pill, Uncle Sam Vets Name, has shed light on the challenges and difficulties of developing a new drug brand name.

It’s fair to say that naming a new drug is likely the most challenging of naming assignments. However, I think those of us in the brand naming game could say that about most of naming assignments since clients seem to want short, evocative names, that are trademarkable, and agreeable to management up the food chain within the organization.

With anywhere from 240-280,000 U.S. Trademark applications per year and only 80,000 words in the typical college dictionary, this makes our work challenging, interesting, rewarding, and most of all, fun. I’m reminded of the famous Confucious saying, “Find something you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” That’s how the Strategic Name Development team feels about its work.

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