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BMW i Product Naming Touts Visionary Mobility

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BMWiLogo.pngIt's finally here - the BMW "i."

No, not the hoary "i" found at the end of model numbers that stands for "fuel injection."

Now the "i" is in front of the model number, and is there to "designate the company's new line of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles." The first two models, the i3 and the i8, were debuted in Frankfurt last year.

The futuristic looking, zero emissions cars are priced around $35,000.

BMWi3andi8.pngLook for a launch in 2013 under the theme "Born Electric," which one blogger says "Aligns well to the components of electric motors, power electronics and lithium-ion batteries."

The Born Electric tagline is being used to great effect on the BMW i website.

Many people may associate the tagline with the famous song "Born Free" but the ad references the concept of "visionary mobility," which Motor Trend has caught on to, asking us "Are you excited about the future of small electric cars or is BMW targeting a future that doesn't exist?"

By the way, what does the "i" even stand for?

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