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Daniel Craig.pngI always keep an eye on James Bond. He is really the king of product placements, at least in my mind, although I know statistically the girls in Sex and the City have him beat.

The new James Bond movie, now simply entitled James Bond 23, will feature a Range Rover Evoque.

Specifically, James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, will leap from the Jaguar to the new Evoque. This must be wonderful news for Tata Motors, who own both brands, although of course they would've paid for the privilege. We do know that an Evoque was delivered to the set of the new movie.

Land Rovers have been seen in many James Bond movies, including Octopussy, the Living Daylights, and Casino Royale. This is interesting, because the Evoque is actually going to be one of Land Rover's least expensive offerings.


James Bond might be sporting a beard, in this movie, and it looks like this one is going to be much more character driven.

I doubt, however, that they will scale back on the product placement. In any event, shooting begins next month and rumor has it that the title of the movie will be "Skyfall," which is set to be released in November 2012.

Many feel that the Jag that will be featured in the movie will be the new XE/C-X16. This leads one blogger to think that given the timing of the movie we might not see the Evoque but instead the brand-new 2013 Range Rover, which is still in top secret mode.

It seems that James Bond himself is more of a sports car man then somebody who goes for the 4 x 4, but the Range Rover brand suits his sense of bling.

Only time will tell.

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Unkillable DeLorean Branding Set To Go Electric

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DeLoreanBrandName101811.pngI have said it before and I will say it again - there are some brand names that just will not die.

Certainly among the top ten of these enduring brands must be DeLorean. As in, the crazy car that was used in the Back to the Future movie.

Here is a car that is underpowered, dated in looks, undependable, associated with a kids' movie and the second most spectacular business failure in history.

And people just love it.

And it's coming back. Insert your Back to the Future joke here.

It will return to us as an electric car, like some ghost of the 80s that simply refuses to die.

Interestingly, this car will actually be faster than the original, although this isn't saying very much considering how underpowered the original car (so long as it did not have a flux capacitor to send it back and forth through time).

By the way, the actual car from the movies is also for sale. I assume that this will go for quite a pretty penny, and proceeds from its auction will go to support the Michael J Fox Foundation, which is the biggest mover in the fight against Parkinson's disease.

The new car will be distributed by the Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company, which has been servicing the needs of the few hundred or so owners who actually keep the retro-mobiles on the road.

The new version, however, will be a "new build" and will most likely bring the DeLorean brand name to a whole new generation of fanatics.

Frankly, partnering the DeLorean brand name with electric technology seems brilliant. Never mind that in the original movies it wound up working off of nuclear fusion, the car has always been forward thinking.

The DeLorean is going to be the electric car for the person who couldn't bring themselves to buy a Prius or a Leaf.

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couple.jpegIt takes a great deal of creativity, linguistics and critical thinking to develop a brand name that hits all the marketing touchpoints, but also resonates with the target market.

This is the challenge that we put forth to the collegiate youth of America with our $2,500 America's Next Top Namer Scholarship for 2011.

This year's applicants were asked to develop a new brand name for an electric vehicle that could be driven continuously by recharging itself via wind energy generated by the car's own propulsion.

While we received many worthy submissions from all four corners of the United States, one applicant's balance of imagination and strategic design stood out with four simple letters...

Mēno, created by Kaylie Foster of the University of Arizona, was derived from the Greek root μένω (transliterated as menō), meaning to continue to be; to last or endure.

Its pronunciation, mee-noh, also evokes an image of something small and speedy by incorporating high-vowel tones.

And in like Romance languages, Spanish and Italian, meno also translates as 'less' or 'fewer,' as in using fewer fossil fuels.

Whether or not this technology ever materializes, we'd liked to congratulate Kaylie on her outstanding display of the tools required to be America's Next Top Namer.

Click here for more information on our America's Next Top Namer Scholarship for 2011.

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