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VolkswagenConcept .pngVW and Chinese car company First Automobile Works (FAW) have announced that they are entering into a joint venture to produce an electronic car named Kaili.

This will be part of VW-FAW's effort to produce "attractive and affordable electric vehicles for Chinese consumers" and VW is set to invest about $15.2 billion in the project by 2015.

China is currently VW's largest single market - they delivered a whopping 578,200 cars to the country in the first quarter of this year, a 17% rise over the 494,000 vehicles delivered last year.

The Chinese government is encouraging the use of electronic cars, according to China Car Times, "Major cities such as Beijing have slowed the auto market down by limiting car purchases to just 20,000 units per month with license plates being given out by a lottery system - unless of course you buy an electric car in which you can skip the lottery process and receive a good subsidy in the process."

Kaili is a Hawaiian god although I am not sure if this is what is being referenced in this name.

The brand name is being called Kai Li in the Chinese press.

To make things even more confusing, other sources have called the brand "Kali." This would be, in fact, an interesting name, as "Kali" is the Hindu goddess of eternal energy.

Kai Li in English, it seems, is "best translated as 'carrier'" according to one enthusiast.

Hmmm. I kind of liked Kali....

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