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Dodge Adds Racing Stripes To Naming and Branding

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It had to happen, of course. Dodge had to redesign its logo after it split with Ram, not least because the old logo was, well, a Ram. The new logo will be the twin red slashes from the SRT performance brand. These are meant to symbolize the "sporty character" of the Dodge brand.

dodge_new_logo.pngAt first, the slashes will only appear on Dodge "signage and print materials" while on the vehicles the Dodge name will stand by itself in a new script.

The "twin slashes" will first appear on the the 2011 Dodge Charger and the seven seater that will replace the Durango.

Dodge has had a few false starts - the Viper logo, according to Boing Boing, looks like an "upside-down Daffy Duck."

But a careful look at the new logo really seems to position Dodge as a sports car maker. And the typography on this new logo really looks bold and seems to hearken back to the days of the muscle car. Dodge is clearly trying to attract a younger, more masculine demographic.

I am reminded of a blog written two years ago that posted that Dodge no longer wanted to be a "power brand" and would be looking for a "kindler, gentler image." Some even said that the company was shifting its marketing from "muscle to mileage," but by adding racing stripes to their marque, I would say that Dodge has gone in another direction...

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