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So it appears that the Sebring name is actually going to go, as I predicted a few weeks ago, and it will be replaced by "Nassau" according to unofficial reports.

This name change ought to give new life to this much loved and much reviled car, which will also undergo a facelift.

This is the car that was meant to take on the Honda Accord, the Ford Fusion and Hyundai Sonata among others. Automobile Magazine tells us how to pronounce the word (na-SAW), which would be familiar to almost any wealthy person but not, perhaps, to the target market of mid-size budget car buyers.
Nassau, of course, is the catital of the Bahamas and this name is yet another name that draws, "Inspiration from tourist destinations. In the past, Chrysler has had the New Yorker, Fifth Avenue, Cordoba (a city in Spain), Saratoga, Windsor, and, most recently, the Aspen and Pacifica"

The debate rages on over whether or not Chrysler should keep the Sebring name and give it a new life, much like Ford has with the Taurus. After all, the car will be fighting for brand recognition against a host of very well established brand names, including the mighty Toyota Camry.

My opinion is that it is a good move to ditch the Sebring name. The Sebring was not a well loved car, and Chrysler is desperate to create a product that will really rock the category.

I like the Nassau name but its potential buyers are going to find it hard to spell and pronounce. It would be better on a more high-end car aimed at an older demographic; the type of person who might actually retire in the Bahamas.

The Sebring name hearkens back to the company's list of weather related car names. "Chrysler Cirrus, Dodge Stratus and Plymouth Breeze" were all stalwarts of the 1990s. mLive reminds us of when the Cirrus turned into the Sebring.

I would think that this new car might return to that scheme in some way rather than get named after a city that was preferred by secret agent James Bond. Although Bond's version of the Nassau might need to be a bit faster and possibly have an ejector seat.

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