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Dodge Ram Car Naming and Branding Goes it Alone

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The news that the Italian owners of Chrysler are splitting the Dodge brand into car and truck groups has caught the blogosphere by surprise.

dodgeramtruck.pngThis comes on the heels of the news that the Chrysler brand name is going to be positioned as a luxury brand "a notch above Lincoln, a notch above Cadillac."

Analysts see this as a tough sell, not least because Chrysler already is viewed by car buyers with some suspicion and the maintenance of a high end brand name (like Cadillac) is very high.

The Ram Truck brand will isolate a once popular truck brand away from the Chrysler and Dodge Car brands. It probably will mean a redesign of the logo. It also separates the pick-ups from the Jeeps (very tempted to make a goats and lambs analogy here, but I will desist).

This will not really have an effect on the consumer in the short term but it may mean that the cars will start to look far different than the trucks and "trucks only" dealerships may start to sprout up.

For my part, I really do not see the "Ram" brand as "new" and it is not a secret that most pick-up truck brands have a pretty healthy amount of separation from the car brands.

The Ford F-series is almost a law unto itself at Ford, and it is hard to confuse a Ford truck with a new Taurus, for instance.

My feeling is that the really ailing element of Dodge is the car division. Fact is, the Ram brand has a great deal of equity and is probably the easiest to resuscitate.

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