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Automotive Product Naming: Ghostly, Funny

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Today we have some good and bad news in the fabulous world of car naming.

First, the good news. The Rolls Royce Ghost is back. As a legendary car name that was used between 1906 and 1925 it became synonymous with the roaring twenties. It is a bit smaller than the Rolls Royce Phantom, but togther, these names form the "pinnacle" of the RR product line.

RRGhost-car-name.gifWe can expect to see this name reappear later this year replacing the RR4 code name and the unofficial "baby Rolls" moniker that has hung on this particular model.

I might note that the Ghost name originally was released during a booming era and in today's much leaner times, some buyers may find these names a little eerie. Is it possible that older buyers may not be comfortable cruising around in a Phantom or a Ghost?

Even if they are, they can be thankful that the brand name of their car was not left to the Chinese automakers responsible for the "funny" automotive naming news.

The Shanghai auto show just got under way and the Jalopnik blog can't resist listing the ten silliest brand names of the day, including the Geely King Kong, the Geely Beauty Leopard and the Tang Hau Detroit Fish. Not to mention the Tang Hua Book of Songs and the strangely spelled Cherry Eastar (actually a mashup of the words "east" and "star").

Obviously these names have a different and probably better resonance in China, but I'm thinking that before they look at exporting, some serious name changes are in order to compete with the RR Ghost.

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