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Links du Jour 10-24-06

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Toyota AurisToyota Auris springs into action - The bloggers at Auto Park say the new name is an amalgamation of “Aygo” (the name of their smallest offering) and “Yaris” (slightly bigger model). The Japanese Cars Watch blog, on the other hand, claims the word is Latin for “good taste”. In fact, the name comes from the Latin word for gold which is “Aurum”.

Toyota has changed this to Auris to keep it consistent with the brand architecture led by the Avensis and Yaris brands. It is also the successor to the Corolla brand name, which seems to be on the way out after 40 years and 30 million sales.

Jenna Jameson for AdidasMad Ave Goes Soft - The Mog Beta blog has an in-depth discussion about a recent Forbes article that outlines the ways in which pornography has infiltrated modern advertising and brand name building. Names and promotional efforts that were once considered sleazy have gone mainstream.

"Stars" like Jenna Jameson are now being associated with clean cut brand names like Adidas. Mainstream clothing brands are creating yet sleazier sites and names to attract an ever edgier customer base.

Tower Records storeThe record store that wouldn't die - On August 22nd, I wrote about the longevity of certain brands like London Fog and Tower Records and it looks as if reports regarding Tower’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

It seems like an unnamed consortium of investors is intent on keeping the legendary 80s brand name alive in a smaller version. Grant Robinson is sceptical, however, about the brand name’s chances for success. I’m hoping for the best. Are you?

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Links du Jour 10-15-06

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Paul McCartneyTrademarks: Paul McCartney Registers His Name as a Trademark - He’s trying to get permission to put his name on meat, fish, poultry and game, as well as clothing, footwear, headgear and a variety of other goods.

book cover: The Newman's Own Organics Guide to a Good LifeI am reminded of the wild success of the and brand names: semi-retired super celebs can sometimes become bigger food brands than entertainment brands. In Sir Paul’s case, an icon of the 1960s and 1970s, he could earn royalties in excess of Paul Newman’s $200 million to perhaps $500 million and yes, even $1 billon (although McCartney will not be around to enjoy or donate it).

Nerdlaw points out that it is unlikely that we will see many of these products. The big list is instead probably indicative of the European practice of covering many items in one application.

How about Paul McCartney headgear with an mp3 player loaded with all the Beatles’ songs?

Rover logoThe Highs and Roewes of SAIC - The (SAIC) has lost out on its bid to name its new car Rover and is for the moment considering calling it the "Roewe". Jack Yan has some thoughts on this, but I have to wonder if this coined British-sounding brand name, or neologism, would fool anybody.

Are there precedents from India or Asia?

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Links du Jour 10-12-06

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McCafeSorry Mac, MacCoffee Too Close to McCafe - Interesting link here to a court decision that takes into consideration the similarity of both the prefix and the suffix of the two trademarks. This illustrates a valuable lesson in name research and trademark analysis. It's also a warning that if there is a likelihood of confusion between two marks selling the same product, the court is likely to rule against you.

Blowfish Ad"Station 51, Squad 51, man eats blowfish." - This is an interesting lesson for copywriters on which animal names are funny and which are not. It points out the implications of certain words, even letters, having certain immediate associations in people's minds.

Suzuki AdAmerican Suzuki Launches New Brand Campaign - Suzuki's “Way of Life” campaign makes a nice link between its motorcycles and automobiles under the tagline "It's gonna be a great ride," which they refer to as a “themed mnemonic.” Nice solution to how one brand name can leverage its motorcycle and automobile associations in a seamless manner.

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