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Jean Halliday of is on top of what is going on in the auto industry.

Her June 26th article that appeared in Automotive News highlights the frequency in which a number of auto brands have changed their tagline or slogan.

As you can see, even the biggest and the best have difficulty sticking to a marketing strategy and related slogan or tagline.

Brand Tagline Year
Buick Beyond Precision 2005
Dream Up 2004
The Spirit of American Style 2002
It's All Good 2001
Cadillac Break Through 2002
The Power of & 1999
Pontiac Designed for Action 2005
Action 2003
Fuel for the Soul 2002
Pass it On 2001
Saturn Like Always. Like Never Before 2006
People First 2004
It's Different in a Saturn 2002
A Different Kind of Car Company 1990
BMW The Ultimate Driving Machine 1980s
Lincoln Reach Higher 2005
Travel Well 2002
American Luxury 1999
Mercury New Doors Opened 2004
Live Life in Your Own Lane 1999
Imagine Yourself in a Mercury 1996

Source: Advertising Age

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New Goodyear Blimp Name: Spirit of Innovation

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NameAfter several months and 10,000 entries, the new Goodyear blimp Spirit of Innovation.

Although the other Goodyear blimps are named Spirit of Goodyear and Spirit of America, when I hear Spirit of Innovation, for some reason I'm reminded of the Spirit of St. Louis (the name of the plane Lindberg flew to achieve the first nonstop solo transatlantic flight.)

NameI'm guessing that most people don't know the names of the existing Goodyear blimps, but the Spirit of Innovation, while not a particularly innovative name, may be helpful.

However, with Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company supplying the tires to NASCAR, this will probably provide Goodyear more visibility in the marketplace than the new blimp.

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