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May 15, 2012

Ford De-emphasizes Its Naming in the New "Go Further" Campaign

FordGoFurtherLogo.pngFord's new slogan, "Go Further" will replace its "Drive One" message while also making an interesting move in de-emphasizeing its brand name and logo in advertising.

This effort to de-emphasize the name is fairly radical as Ford has aways been very straightforward about its brand name (the F series truck is the best selling vehicle in the U.S. and of course "F" stands for "Ford").

Ford is trying to "overcome negative perceptions" about its name and get people to pay attention to the cars and the marketing. One Ford executive says, "As soon as people see the badges they jump to conclusions about the brand."

As a response to consumer research that showed people liking the products more when they did not know where they came from, Ford unveiled a week of nameless advertising starting April 30. These nameless ads generated 3.4 million consumer views online.

Despite consumer intrigue, Ford reintroduced the name and logo in its advertising a week later.

The new "Go Further" advertising will target the "skeptics" who see Ford as a less than stellar brand when it comes to quality and fuel consumption, areas where Toyota and Honda dominate.

They are not creating a "new reality" for the company, says another executive, but instead are documenting the "goodness in the company already."

The idea is that Ford is so well known - but so misrepresented - that the brand can now quietly reposition itself. Will this happen without constant reminders to consumers about who they are? Time will tell.

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Posted by William Lozito at May 15, 2012 9:26 AM
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