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April 11, 2012

Tim Tebow Brand Name Gets Too Much Love From Reebok

Tim Tebow.pngIt's interesting that the American Marketing Association just released a study called "Brand Love" which looks at brand related elements such as "emotional attachment, linkages to self identity and several other elements."

Getting people to love your brand - rather than simply gain mere brand liking - seems to be the golden chalice, especially for apparel companies such as Nike and Reebok, who often use sports figures to amp up their resonance with consumers.

According to an ESPN poll, Tim Tebow was named the most popular pro athlete this year.

Tebow, a Christian, who recently gave an outdoor service in Texas to 15,000 people, has drawn such a following that one pastor commented, "In Christianity, it's the Pope and Tebow right now."

Talk about brand love.

But sometimes, love can hurt. As seen in the dispute had between Nike and Reebok over Tim Tebow apparel.


The dispute happened just before Nike took over the licensing rights for NFL apparel.

Reebok was attempting to make every last second count by emblazing Tebow's name and number on blank Jets jerseys. It was the creation of the brand-new merchandise that led a judge to block Reebok from selling 6,000 Tebow-Jets jerseys and 25,000 T-shirts that the company hastily stamped out.

Reebok will recall the new Jets apparel and has also agreed to not "manufacture, market, donate or advertise such merchandise."

Tebow's jersey for the Broncos was the second highest-selling jersey on the NFL website last season. Yet, surprisingly, there has yet to be an equally impressive surge in demand for Jets apparel as previously anticipated.

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Posted by William Lozito at April 11, 2012 8:18 AM
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