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March 6, 2012

Rumors About iPad HD Product Naming Heat Up

iPad3;iPadHD.pngOh, all right. Let's do another blog about what they will name the new iPad tomorrow.

None other than Fortune reporter Phillip Elmer-Dewitt, who has been covering Apple since 1982, has weighed in on this suggesting that the name iPad HD might in fact be a go.

Why, you ask? Well because the high definition screen is a big draw. The problem?

As we've seen with iPad itself, it seems the name is already in use.

The domain appears to be active and the owner claims he hasn't heard anything from Cupertino. and are also active domains. But this probably will not be a worry for Apple as they tend to find ways around naming clashes after the fact.

Still, the debate rages. On the one hand, HD is the "Defining feature of the device" and "HD is easily relatable for the common consumer" and "It makes sense to keep the iPad 2 around as a low-end option," says one blogger.

However, the same blogger goes on to say, "Other manufacturers, lots of them, already use HD" and "It actually devalues what is the defining feature of the device," and "Apple already has a name for the iPad 3's screen. It's Retina, not HD," adding that there are more features on the iPad than just HD.

And - hold the iPhone - is it possible that we might see an iPad 2S? Well, probably not.

Whatever the name is, it will most likely add to the "new era in trademark troubles" that the iPad has brought forth with China.

Or potentially, Apple will go the route of British pronunciation and simply call it the iPaHD.

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Posted by William Lozito at March 6, 2012 8:18 AM
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