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December 22, 2011

AmEx Swerves into Online Payment Brand Name

Serve.pngIt's interesting to note the arrival of Serve from American Express, which is a PayPal-like, debit card platform.

AmEx's move to debit cards is a bold one, of course, and follows the introduction of offered by Visa, which essentially does the same thing.

The Serve name is interesting for the same reason I did not like the name.

First of all, AmEx uses, which is intuitive. is not, simply because people are not yet used to typing .me quite yet.

I think Visa is a great brand. A classic brand. And certainly one of the most recognizable credit card brands. And there lies the problem.

Just looking at the site makes me think credit, while people who use these services really need to think of it as debit and P2P payment options.

Online payment systems that look like a credit card could be dangerous.

The Wall Street Journal points out that while AmEx has tried many times to broaden its appeal, it is still associated with the "more-affluent" market.


In this naming move, AmEx is trying to move away from their well heeled name to appeal to the rest of consumers.

The colors, typography, and font are all very different styles than what we typically see from AmEx, which gives it a much more modern look.

Still, no matter how well this is done, it is still an AmEx product.

Consumers, most likely, are always going to associate AmEx with credit cards.

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Posted by William Lozito at December 22, 2011 8:04 AM
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