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June 30, 2011

Fair or Foul: How to Name a Sports Team

Winnipeg Jets, NHL.jpegDuring a recently announced move from Atlanta to Winnipeg, the professional hockey team formerly known as the Thrashers asked themselves a very important question: what do we call ourselves?

In yesterday's Fox News business edition, our Chief Linguistics Officer, Diane Prange, was asked about the name change.

Just like most newly developed brand names on the market today, the target market is key. And in professional sports, the target market just happens to be made up of large groups of very passionate fans.

"We think getting all of your constituencies involved in a decision makes a lot of sense," said Diane Prange, chief linguistics officer at brand-naming firm Strategic Name Development. "They have to own it, they have to love it and you want to make them feel good about the process."

In the end, the Thrashers adopted the Jets name, which may sound familiar as it was the name of a previously jettisoned hockey franchise in Winnipeg that currently goes by the Phoenix Coyotes.

To read the full article and learn more tips on naming a professional sports team, click here.

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