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October 20, 2010

Repetitive Sounding Naming and Branding a Must

Time Magazine has picked up on new research by Jennifer Argo, Marketing professor at the University of Alberta, indicating that customers prefer repetitive sounding brand names.

The kicker is that the researchers had to actually say the test brand names aloud to subjects to get them to choose the repetitive brand names over other, less rhythmic naming choices.

This means that electronic media - radio, TV and now video on the internet - have an edge in motivating customers towards your brand name and staff should be encouraged to say the brand name of the place where they work to customers to encourage brand loyalty.

The audible elements or phonemes of a brand name is something that as naming professionals, we take very seriously.

How brand names sound has been producing academic research for some time. In 2004, an excellent article came out with similar results entitled "A Sound Idea: Phonetic Effects of Brand Names on Consumer Judgments" which went so far as to say that consumers attribute certain qualities to brand names based on individual sounds called "phonemes."

Only two years ago, one blogger picked up on the allure of repetitive sounding names in a blog called "How To Market Like a Rapper."
What I find most interesting about this research, however, is that repetitive sounds are less effective if the consumer already has a good perception of the brand name.

The advice to shoppers who are likely to blow the budget doing some serious retail therapy: "Plug your ears; don't let anyone talk to you."

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Posted by William Lozito at October 20, 2010 9:32 AM
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