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July 28, 2010

HTC Brand Naming Launches in China, Steps Ahead of Apple, Blackberry

htcchina.pngI have written before about the rise of the HTC brand name, and was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune about the HTC Droid Incredible earlier this year.

The brand name continues to grow stronger this summer, in fact, according to PRLog, it's "growing like wildfire," a play on the name for its new phone, the 'Wildfire.'

This new phone comes on the back of a whopping 58% jump in revenue this year.

Now, the company will be selling HTC branded smartphones in China, making a departure from the 'Dopod,' the name that HTC smartphones had heretofore been sold under. (Dopod? Really?)

They will be seling the Wildfire and Desire beside the Tianxi and Tianyi, two other smartphones available in the world's most populous country, which must be a concern for Apple and other rivals who increasingly see China as a "must have" market.

HTC feels that 8% of the customer base is already aware of the name.

Apple still has yet to launch the iPhone 4 in China and Blackberry has a pretty shaky presence in the country, leaving an open space for HTC, the Taiwanese manufacturer to flourish.

I am amazed at the rapidity in which HTC has caught many of its better entrenched rivals. At the start of this year, I would doubt few of us knew who they were, now that's changed. For good.

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Posted by William Lozito at July 28, 2010 8:01 AM
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