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February 26, 2009

Tapping Into New York Bottled Water Brand Naming

Tap'dNY.gifThe Los Angeles Times is quite intrigued by a new bottled water called "Tap'd NY. Purified New York City Tap Water."

Yes, somebody finally did it, they created a bottled water straight from the tap in New York, which is a city that boasts incredibly clean, great tasting water. Taking this fairly pure product, they've treated it to remove the chlorine and sell it for less than the competition.

The draw? Well, everyone seems to know that New York City water is pretty darn good, and buying water that comes from New York leaves a smaller carbon footprint than sending your dollars to Fiji or France (sort of).

One blogger adds that "we understand that Poland Springs is neither from Poland nor from springs" so why not just get the best tap water money can buy?

In addition to the surprisingly honest name, the company also has a series of clever taglines that adorn different bottles, ranging from "Bottle Water Without the Funny Accent" to "No Glaciers Were Harmed Making this Water."

However, starting a new bottled water company is a risky move, given that bottled water sales are declining. Consumers are starting to wonder if bottled water is actually better for you and most of us have accepted that the bottled stuff is pretty much the same as what comes out of the tap.

Bottled water is also seen as a major culprit in filling landfills, creating millions of empty, non degradable bottles, which recently led to the mayor of San Francisco to pass an order that forbids city government from buying bottled water.

belu-6pack-plus-single-bio.gifTap'd NY gets around this by encouraging people to reuse the bottles by filling them with, you know, actual tap water. They even have a team of "Hydrators" who will refill the bottles for you.

Besides Tap'd NY, there is at least one other bottled water company that is trying to atone for its waste: Belu, whose water comes in bottles made of corn. Located in the UK, all of the company's profits also go to clean water.

And I must admit that Belu's name is interesting, but I still think I like Tap'd NY even better.

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Posted by William Lozito at February 26, 2009 10:03 AM
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