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February 3, 2009

Classic Naming to (finally) Disappear from Coke Product Name

The name Classic is coming off of the iconic Coke brand name, finally.

The Classic naming only appears in North America, a hangover from the New Coke debacle of April 23, 1985, "a day that will live in marketing infamy."

NewCokeCan1985.gifNow, over two decades later, the reason for the existence of the Classic naming is no more - very few people can even recall what New Coke tasted like despite surviving until 1992 before being quietly shelved.

The Classic naming will live on in the fine print on the back of Coke bottles and cans as Coke Classic Original Formula.

This product naming decision comes in conjunction with Coke's "Open Happiness" campaign, aligning the product naming with worldwide standards.

The famous name change is still referred to in every marketing textbook as a classic (excuse the pun) example of how emotional attachment to a brand name is a CokeClassic.gifdangerous thing to play with. One executive from Coke says that "Some cynics say we planned the whole thing. The truth is, we're not that dumb, and we're not that smart."

Some bloggers feel that the Classic naming actually gave the product a kind of "vintage feel" and as I've mentioned before, the name "Classic" can lend an instant status to a brand name.

In this case, Coke, by definition, is a classic and the destruction of the moniker is something of a relief.

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Posted by William Lozito at February 3, 2009 11:38 AM
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