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December 4, 2008

Will "Pommie Roo" Brand Naming Take Flight?

If the potential merger between British Airways and Qantas actually transpires, the task of creating the new company name would present a serious naming challenge.

pommieroo.gifOne Australian writer suggests that it could be call "Pommie Roo" or even "BQA," quoting several marketing experts who believe that the union may lead to an acronym brand name. However, he also mentions that we "should expect more from such iconic brands." In reality, these are two of the most valuable brand names in the airline industry.

Several news reports assure Australians that Qantas would stay "true blue" if it did merge with BA and remain in Australia.

Qantas is a name with true Australian heritage. Originally it was called The Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited; Qantas is a shortening of that. Its kangaroo logo is instantly recognizable worldwide.

British Airways also has a similarly well kept brand name, along with legions of loyal customers.

I do think that the culture clash between freewheeling Australians and stiff upper lip Brits would make for some interesting developments in the marketing departments of both companies.

When I think about Qantas, I immediately think of the fun and irreverence of Australia, quantas.gifwhile BA suggests class and safety. Asking these two distinct airlines to learn to live with one another is the kind of thing they make movies about.

If the merger does happen, the thought of one gargantuan airline controlling the so called "kangaroo routes" is even a little tougher to imagine than building a brand that encompasses the fun of Qantas within the safety and tradition of BA.

Maybe it's better to let sleeping roos lie.

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Posted by William Lozito at December 4, 2008 10:08 AM
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