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December 17, 2008

(Ivanka) Trump Brand Name Hotter Than Ever

donald-trump-431.gifYesterday Theresa Agovino savaged the beleaguered Trump brand name, which has recently been beset by all kinds of financial hardship (relatively speaking). One ad executive quoted in the article compares the Trump name to the Hefner name, adding tartly that "he has an anachronistic feel." Or in other words, the Trump name is becoming obsolete.

However, this bold proclamation of the death of Trump brand naming seems a bit premature.

Granted, the Donald is under fire. He recently lost a bid to rename Morgan Street in front of the Trump Plaza Jersey City. The Wall Street Journal also listed a litany of woes that Mr. Trump is facing worldwide, alongside a singularly unflattering picture, while the New York Times published the problems his casinos are facing.

But let me say it loud and clear to all the writers and bloggers in New York and Jersey: You think the Trump name is dead? Fuggedaboudit.

ivankatrumpc.gifThe guy's name still drives tons of web-traffic, just for starters. And even if he really is slipping from his brand naming throne, the equity of his daughter's name, Ivanaka Trump, is most certainly on the rise.

Donald's daughter is simply a dynamo, whether she's launching "lunch products" or just looking fabulous on the cover of a magazine or two.

Think about it. Is it a coincidence that she often gives a talk on "Building & Sustaining a Brand in the Real Estate Business" or is the Trump brand here to stay?

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Posted by William Lozito at December 17, 2008 9:30 AM
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