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December 18, 2008

2009: Private Label Brand Naming Hits the Clothing Trade

halogen-top.gifI have written about the rise of private label brand naming in the food aisles and I'm not surprised to see that 2009 will most likely see a rise in private label clothing brands.

Private label brand names in clothing stores "have their own identity - and their own discerning fans - instead of being a cheap trick to spark a little foot traffic."

It had to happen. Fashion has become fast. No-name brands can get the new styles into the stores faster than the well-known brand names, and they can do it for less. So there's no reason for large clothing stores not to take advantage of this.

macys-inc-printed-dress.gifMacy's now has INC, Charter Club and Style & Co. Saks has Clothes(Real) and Nordstrom's has Classiques Entier and Halogen, which represent a great deal of Nordstrom's overall sales - try 15%.

Note how carefully these brand names have been created and positioned. The strategic naming that gets appended to private label brands rivals that of much larger brands, just on a minimized scale. With private labels we are naming a product to appeal to a few thousand shoppers, rather than a few million.

I have noted that even the Big Box retailers are now using brand name designers, which goes to show that private labels bring fashion for the average consumer to a whole new level.

A Cotton Inc blog states it pretty simply:

With private label, retailers are able to customize their lines to target specific groups of consumers who shop at their stores... A third of women who shop in department stores are 25-55, and many private label programs are aimed at this group.

Private label clothing allows each store to create products and brand names for a distinct customer base. The news about these house brands can be spread through social media channels, while also helping build the store's brand at the same time.

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Posted by William Lozito at December 18, 2008 8:35 AM
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