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November 24, 2008

Polaroid Uses PoGo Product Naming to Bounce Back

polaroid-logo.gifThe Polaroid saga has entered into truly ironic brand naming territory.

This once tremendous brand name has not fared well in the era of the digital camera, while a recent fraud investigation probably hasn't been much help either.

It's former owner, Tom Petters, is in jail for recently bilking $33 billion from investors. This all started after Petters called Polaroid a "great brand" and "one of the most well recognized names in America" and said he would bring it back to life using the success of the JetBlue model.

Polaroid, which is facing a lawsuit from the large number of people that Petters ripped off and has been referred to by at least one analyst as a "beaten vagabond," is now introducing the Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer in a last ditch attempt to salvage its name from the scrap heap of history. polaroid_pogo.gif

The PoGo will go head to head with Fuji's Instax digital camera with a built-in printer that Wired says will "ride the long tail of Polaroid nostalgia." Seems that Polaroid is attempting to do the same. The nostalgia for Polaroids is so great that you can get a program called Poladroid that actually makes normal .jpegs look like blurry Polaroids.

That product, and its Polaroid inspired naming, is funny enough, but Polaroid's decision to name its new product the PoGo reminds me of the famous Pogo comic strip pogobookfant.gifand the quote from one of the characters: "We have met the enemy and he is us," a famous riff on General Hazard Perry's "We have met the enemy, and they are ours." Maybe the folks at Polaroid had this in mind when they named the new product.

Or perhaps they are simply hoping that the new printer will be more like a Pogo stick that will help the company bounce back from its self inflicted misery.

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Posted by William Lozito at November 24, 2008 10:00 AM
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