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November 10, 2008

A Domain Name Brand Naming Controversial Sale

domainnames?.pngNaming and branding is becoming a whole lot trickier thanks to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' decision to sell an unnumbered amount of new domain name suffixes. This flood of new domain name sales is expected to lead to major companies having to spend extravagantly just to protect the integrity of their brand names online.

Marriott and New York Life are already expressing their displeasure over the rules that could force banks to buy up all domain suffixes like ".hotels" or ".bank."

It's a controversal subject that I have written about before and will not go away.

There is no doubt that finding available domain names is difficult with 70 million domain names already taken, including all 3 to 4 letter combinations as well as most, if not all, of the words found in the dictionary. In fact, some groups now focus on purchasing expired names for reuse.

Since some people see domain names as an investment, over 80% of the registered domain names out there do not even have a site attached to them and are just waiting for a large corporate buyout.

It is debatable what the cost will be to companies or even what the effect of this rush of new suffixes will ultimately be, but it is frightening to think of some of the possible outcomes.

For instance, malicious programmers could easily create a bogus New York Life site with a new suffix like ".insurance" and start collecting private info from unsuspecting consumers.

It looks like the Internet is "going to get alot crazier." Anyone with a couple hundred dollars to spend will suddenly be empowered to grab a branded domain with a new suffix.

These new domain name regulations will certainly have a direct effect on the management of a company's brand naming which will likely create an entirely new set of challenges for people in the naming business.

We at Strategic Name Development will be watching these events with great interest and preparing ourselves accordingly.

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Posted by William Lozito at November 10, 2008 8:08 AM
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