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November 5, 2008

Coors Banquet Beer Celebrates Classic Brand Naming

Coors_Banquet_WallpaperA_10.gifCoors' Banquet beer celebrated its 135 year anniversary last month.

Over those 135 years, the beer has been through several name changes - Original Coors and Golden Lager - but its current name, "Banquet," is a revival of the nickname given to the beer by miners who served it at banquets during their time off.

Throughout the 90's it was called "Original Coors" and then was renamed "Coors Original" in 2002. Last year the name switched again to "Banquet Beer" and sales have actually gone up as a result.

The brand name seems to be the element that drives sales in this case, mostly because Americans seem to be reacting to the brand's claim of being a true original, although a quality taste can't hurt sales either.

A quick look at the anger that consumers expressed when Old Dominion beer closed doors recently underlines the sense of regionalism and authenticity that today's beer drinkers seem to demand. A name like "Banquet Beer" is really not that far out there in that sense, especially when comparing it to smaller brand names like Dogfish and Magic Hat.

This is also an example of smartly revamping a brand name that is starting to get rusty. Making the brand name new by making it a classic is a tried and true formula for everything from Coke to iPod.

In any event, this seems like an excellent beer to enjoy the next time there is a viable reason to celebrate.

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Posted by William Lozito at November 5, 2008 9:46 AM
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