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September 25, 2008

Will Apple's Brick Product Code Naming be a Smash Hit?

Apple-logo.pngThe award for the clumsiest product code name goes to Apple this week for its secret something that the blogosphere is now gleefully referring to as "Brick."

The "Brick" is designed to, you guessed it, smash Windows with its sheer Appleness.

Many bloggers are wondering what the "Brick" is, but it is most likely just software updates. Although there are rumors that it might be a new Mac Mini or a new dock (these would actually look like bricks, I suppose).

The funny thing is that the word "brick" does not carry positive connotations in relation to technology. "Bricks" are usually useless devices, such as clunky cell phones or slow computers. The word "brick" is also a slang term for "bummer," like, "That movie had a brick of an ending." So "brick" would be a less than ideal code name for a new MacBook, for instance.

Brick.pngEven more tantalizing, giving the current economic climate, is that the "Brick" is simply a large price reduction for MacBooks. This would indeed throw a real brick at Windows.

The Brick gets unveiled on October 14th (we think), so be sure to keep an eye out to see if lives up to its name, or doesn't.

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Posted by William Lozito at September 25, 2008 8:03 AM
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