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August 14, 2008

Simplified Intel Core i7 Naming: What Does It Mean?

pentium.pngPentium is now officially retired, as is "2 Duo," which is being replaced by "i7. And though it may be a new name, it still "does not have any deeper meaning."

However, one naming component will remain the same for Intel's new generation of chips. At least the newest versions will retain the "Core" brand name.

Now, lets get this straight.  The new Intel Core i7 replaces the chip codenamed Nehalem, a chip actually named after a river in Oregon.

The adoption of the Core name is a good idea, but the appending of a meaningless i7 moniker is only going to lead Intel down a slippery slope of senseless naming.

intel_core_i7.pngThe problem here is that Intel spins off new versions of its products so quickly (there are already two different colored logos to differentiate the "regular" from the "Extreme Edition" models). It is this speed that has shifted consumer focus from its company naming to its product naming.

Yes, it is wise naming strategy to use the recognizable "Core" brand across the board, but I'm one of those people who still recall when it was a good thing that Intel was "Inside." 

Intel has now left ten million computer salespeople out in the cold after admitting that they do not want there to be any meaning behind their product naming, leaving it up to the computer sales force to explain to confused customers fifty times a day that i7 means "nothing," its actually just the upgraded Core 2 Duo.

Since Intel isn't defining the meaning between i7, I will.

  • Is it like the magnificent 7, but in this case it's the Intel magnificent 7?
  • Was the development of this chip completed in July, the 7th month of the year?
  • Did 7 engineers work on it for 7 years?
  • Or does Intel have long-term plans of competing with Apple's iPhone? (just kidding of course).
  • Or perhaps the lower case "i" was a typo. You may be aware that the distance between the pitchers mound and the batter in baseball is 60' 6''. It was supposed to be 60' 0'', but someone misread the plans.

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Posted by William Lozito at August 14, 2008 10:23 AM
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I don't think that the core name meaning changes something - this series of processor is extremely popular, good for any needs and I don't think it attracts/disattracts customers.

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