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June 25, 2008

Can a New Sign and Slogan Give Holiday Inn a Brand Name Advantage?

Holiday Inn’s recent upgrade is getting noticed everywhere from New York to Aruba and I’m expecting great things.

Revamping their well known brand name, Holiday Inn is repositioning itself with its chosen target market. A new sign is set to hit 1000 properties, a third of the Holiday Inn hotels in the United States, by the end of the year. The signage is designed along with a “more contemporary brand image” via new guest room accoutrements and a new arrival area that includes a decluttered front desk, plants and even a “customized music and scent selection.”

They even have a new tagline: “Stay Real.”

Holiday Inn new sign1.pngThe new sign is greatly improved from the 1950’s design that we all know and love, but more than that, Holiday Inn is trying to shed its image as being synonymous with the dowdy lodging that Elton John sang about in the 1970s: “The TV don’t work, and the French Fries are cold, room service closed about an hour ago.”

I prefer to think of his final line to that song:” “You ain’t seen nothing, till you been, in a motel, baby, like a Holiday Inn.” I’m sure we will all feel the same way after staying in the newly revamped Holiday Inns that should redefine the brand name for some time.

Can Holiday Inn change its image to compete with the newer Aloft and Indigo hotels?

Of course it can. Brand name recognition, carefully tended, wins out every time.

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Posted by William Lozito at June 25, 2008 7:58 AM
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