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May 29, 2008

Burberry Warrior Kills the Hobo in Fashion Naming

The news that Burberry Group Plc had a 15% gain in its second quarter profit, probably because of the new price tag of $2195 for its Warrior Bag, had me wondering if consumers know there is an economic recession going on?

warrior purse.pngI had to find out more about the Warrior, which is not a bag carried by a JRR Tolkien fighter, even though it looks like one, but instead is a purse by Burberry that looks like it's made of medieval studded leather that asserts “Power. Strength. Dominance.”

The original Warrior Bag was introduced by Burberry at $22,000, meaning that most women would pretty much have to kill somebody off Gossip Girl if they wanted the “it bag of 2008."

Yes, there are a few versions of this bag, including the nova-check version, but the gold alligator version will still set you back a pretty penny. Elite Choice tells us that the far cheaper plebian version of the bag, which is still over $3K, “would make you feel the strength that lies hidden within you and would definitely make you assert your personality.” I guess so!

burberry_leather_hobo_bag.pngI also think that maybe this is the start of a far more aggressive trend in purse naming, not least because the first it bag was called The Baguette, and has an anniversary model out this year.

Last year we had the Chanel Diamond Forever Handbag, but we also had the far more popular Hobo bag.

Evidently, for the past few quarters, women have been told by the handbag industry to be either hobos or warriors. I have to wonder if this kind of product naming is telling us something about the state of the world economy.

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Posted by William Lozito at May 29, 2008 12:44 PM
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