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May 19, 2008

Big Brown A Big Boon to UPS Brand Naming

ups-logo.pngUPS is celebrating because a horse named Big Brown looks set to take the Triple Crown after a fabulous win at the Preakness.

The sponsorship deal was signed after the horse won the Kentucky Derby.

Big Brown was named as a colt by Paul Pompa Jr. after he renewed a freight contact with UPS last year. Pompa, at that point, did not realize that his horse would attract the attention of UPS’s marketing department, whose linkage to the prize winning horse has gotten its brand name “mentioned on television and in hundreds of news articles, netting an estimated $1.4 million worth of total media exposure.”

bigbrown1.pngMore than that, the press is starting to pick up on the UPS tagline “Big Brown Delivers."

There certainly is a risk here, not least because a horse, unlike a race car or a yacht, is a living, breathing animal that can get hurt on the track.

For Instance, YUM Brands has already suffered from associating their name with the Kentucky Derby thanks to a TV mishap that saw its executives touting their brands right after the collapse of Eight Belles.

bigbrown.pngNonetheless, UPS is on to a great thing here. Big Brown’s win at the Kentucky Derby and at the Preakness has us all betting he’ll take the coveted Triple Crown, making him only the twelfth horse to do so.

All that remains is the Belmont Stakes and the Times Union already says its “Big Brown’s Crown to lose.”

I’m thinking this will be horse racing and brand naming history.

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Posted by William Lozito at May 19, 2008 7:56 AM
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