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February 20, 2008

Kirstie Alley: Diet Brand Naming For The Rest of Us

The news that Kirstie Alley is going to start her own weight loss brand makes sense because so many people identify with her very public struggles with her weight.

She seems to be ready to leave Jenny Craig, where she has been the spokesperson for three years, with few regrets and best wishes to all.
Now, she has announced that she is the accidental role model for people who are struggling with the fatty roller coaster ride. Alley has a bevy of detractors, but many people support the idea of her striking out on her own, including the Diets in Review Blog. Her only problem might be that so many people liked her show Fat Actress, that her overweight persona might hurt her support for branding a weight loss product.

The actual brand name has not been announced, but I would suggest that she use her own name or a derivative of it. Kirstie Alley is somebody whose imperfections mirror our own, and she might just snag a niche market of people who are turned off by the saccharine perfection of other diet brands.

Kirstie’s would sort of be the diet brand for the rest of us.

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Posted by William Lozito at February 20, 2008 7:33 AM
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Thank you for the "Fat Actress" link. Hollywood projects an image impossible for most women to obtain. Kirstie stood for tolerance and acceptance. I wish her lots of luck with her weight loss line, but fear more of the same hype. Healthy eating and exercise. It's no more complex than that.

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