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December 28, 2007

Google Prevails with Gu Ge Brand Name in China

GoogleWhat a difference a day makes. In life. And in trademark law.

Gu GeWe've blogged earlier in July of 2007 about the Chinese having difficulty pronouncing Google, which led the company to re-brand its search engine "Gu Ge."

In an earlier blog of April 2006 we acknowledged the conventional marketing wisdom of one brand globally. However, in the case of China, with four times the population of U.S., it was an appropriate trade off for Google to change its name there.

It turns out that Google registered the Gu Ge brand name in China only 7 days before another company, Gu Ge Technology did.

Gu Ge Technology tried to sue Google over Gu Ge, however, the Haidian People's Court in Beijing threw out the Gu Ge Technology's trademark suit since Google registered the Gu Ge name first.

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Posted by William Lozito at December 28, 2007 9:41 AM
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