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December 6, 2007

Brand Name Evaluation - The Importance of Context

As naming professionals, we are always surprised with associations that people make with the name candidates we present.

I feel it tells us as much about the person and their view of the world as it does their opinion on the name candidate.

One very common response we hear is "That name reminds me of x."

AmericanEagles1.gifOur response is "You really have to evaluate the name candidates in context." Take the name American Eagle, for example.

  • American Eagle is the regional carrier for American Airlines.
  • American Eagle is also a retail clothing chain that is located in many shopping malls.

So, if our assignment were to name a clothing chain and we recommended American Eagle, it's very typical for client to say "It reminds me of an airline" and dismiss it for that reason.

Fusions1.gifWe say, "Wait a minute." How about the Ford Fusion and the Gillette Fusion razor and the V8 Fusion juice?

As you can see, the same name can co-exist in multiple categories and not be confusing since all of these brand names are presented in context.

When I go to a store to buy Gillette Fusion razors, I don't think automobiles or juice.

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Posted by William Lozito at December 6, 2007 1:51 PM
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Though when my wife asks me to go to the store to pick up a bar of Dove, I still need to ask, "Soap or chocolate?"

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