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November 6, 2007

Brand Naming: Handi-Vac Name That Sucks

reynolds.gifThe good news, at least for anyone who's ever experienced freezer burn: Reynolds is bringing out a $9.99 vacuum-sealing unit.

The bad news: they're calling it Handi-Vac.

HandiVac.gifIf a "Handi-Vac" sounds like a wannabe Dustbuster to you, there's a reason. There are several Handi-Vacs out there already, with minor variations in spelling but the common function of providing suction.

  • The Handi-Vac pick-up tool
  • The HandiVac refrigerant recovery unit
  • Hoover Handivac vacuum cleaners (no longer sold)
  • Handy Vac wet/dry vacuums
  • Hand-E-Vac medical aspirators

Worse yet, the name sounds a lot like Handi-Wrap-which is not a Reynolds product.

What's wrong with "Freezer Vac"? The domain and trademark are both available, and it would make the purpose of the product a whole lot clearer.

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Posted by William Lozito at November 6, 2007 10:09 AM
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The reason it's not called "Freezer Vac" is because it's limiting to the freezer. I'd imagine Reynolds will ultimately target Handi-Vac for non-freezer usage too such as storing foods in the refrigerator, pantry, etc. The name "Handi-Vac" is actually true to the product function - it's handy and portable and vacuum seals air out.

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