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October 3, 2007

Verizon Goes For Space Age: Mythological Product Naming on Voyager and Venus Phones

VerizonVerizon has responded to the canon blast of Apple iPhone's success with a roster of new, interestingly named phones that shift the company away from an alphanumeric nomenclature.

Blackberry_Pearl.gifThe Samsung Juke, new Blackberry Pearl, LG Venus and LG Voyager are being launched simultaneously today, with the Voyager being the so-called "iPhone killer."

The Voyager looks just like an iPhone, but comes with a QWERTY keyboard.

LG_Venus.gifThe Venus and Voyager brand names place LG's product naming into space age territory. One can't help but think of the Voyager space satellite, but also, possibly lamentably, Star Trek Voyager.

LG_Voyager.gif The Venus (LG VX8800) is aimed at the female demographic, quite wisely since the name "Venus" refers not only to a planet, but to the mythological goddess of love and beauty, in addition to Gillette's Venus razors.

Samsung_Juke.gifThe Juke is the old U470 fashion phone for people that don't want to surf the web, but want to listen to music.

These phones are being launched right on the heels of news from the ACLU that Verizon seems to be stifling political discourse on the web, leading to a seething Op-Ed piece in The New York Times this morning that might hurt the launch of these new handsets.

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Posted by William Lozito at October 3, 2007 8:43 AM
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