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October 4, 2007

i-Nvasion of the ‘i’

iPodTouch.gifI've noticed a curious linguistic phenomenon developing around the new iPod touch (you know, the one that's basically an iPhone without the phone). People keep calling it the "iTouch." Yet no one calls the iPod shuffle an "iShuffle," or refers to the iPod nano as an "iNano."

Perhaps it's because the iPod touch looks so much like, and appeared so soon after, the iPhone, which is not, after all, called "the iPod phone." And maybe it's happening because everyone who sees it thinks "I want to touch that."

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Posted by Diane Prange at October 4, 2007 12:02 PM
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I hear the same thing from my Apple addict friends, and quite honestly I call it the iTouch too! Maybe it's another reason is that "I touch" makes sense as a real phrase. "I nano" doesn't make sense in the same way. "I shuffle" should work, but I just hear people refer to that as "my shuffle," almost suggesting it's not advanced enough to be called an iPod or even worthy of the "i" prefix. (Maybe the three syllables in iShuffle make it less fun to say?) I also wonder if it's because the "touch" is the most significant advance of the iPod Touch, thus it's getting casually elevated as the brand name by users. The danger for Apple, of course, is that they lose brand equity in "iPod" as they transition the whole line to touch-based interfaces and consumers commonly refer to the whole line as iTouch. Love your blog. -Aaron

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