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September 28, 2007

World Cup 2010 Trademark Violations Already a Brand Naming Nightmare

WorldCup_South_Africa_2010.gifIt's three years before the World Cup in South Africa but people are already illegally making money from the 2010 World Cup logo.

FIFA has just set guidelines to help prevent fraudulent use of the logo, which some people have likened to a "frog jumping over a pork chop" and at least one blogger has been castigated for featuring a "bicycle kick," a move that is actually "whistled for a foul."

It looks like the date "2010" is set to be claimed by FIFA, much to the irritation of some South Africans. But it should be noted that the FIFA restrictions only apply to usage of words "in combination with football imagery or if it is an attempt to create an association with the 2010 World Cup, FIFA or the 2010 World Cup Organizing Committee South Africa."

To that end, there are a range of logos and marks that are protected:

  • World Cup
  • South Africa World Cup
  • 2010
  • Twenty Ten
  • World Cup South Africa
  • The names of virtually every South African city followed by 2010

It is a logical move on FIFA's part but it will be very hard indeed to enforce: what if a clothing maker creates a t-shirt with the words Cape Town with the World Cup colors?

This is an excellent example of how difficult it is to protect a brand name. If the rip off products are appearing already, one wonders what will be happening two years from now.

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Posted by William Lozito at September 28, 2007 8:58 AM
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I didn't like it too until I saw the World Cup 2006 Logo for Germany. Maybe FIFA needs to be more worried about whoever is in charge of the logo selection process. Otherwise it's great that the World Cup is going to Africa for the first time. Hopefully it will help Africa to rebrand itself as a continent.

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