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September 17, 2007

Update: The Influence of China on Brand Perception

red-china.gif As I mentioned in my blog post last Friday, I am sharing more findings from our proprietary Influence of China on Brand Perceptions research.

As a quick reminder, the sample size is 503 consumers that were balanced by gender, age, household income and census region. (See charts below.)

We gave consumers a choice of buying a product made in India or made in China for 25 product categories.

  • Generally speaking, for those product categories that a consumer would wear, consume, or use on their body, consumers were most likely to prefer a product made in India versus China.
  • When consumers were given the choice of purchasing a product that was made in India or made in China, in 21 of 25 product categories the consumer selected India.
    What makes this finding all the more interesting is that in India, one of their major fears is that one day they will wake up and realize that most of the products they purchase in India are made in China.
  • Interestingly, in only one product category, Flat Panel TVs, there was a preference for products made in China.
chart thumbnail image chart thumbnail image

Click thumbnails for larger images.

Look for more research findings on brands made in China in the next couple of days.

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