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September 18, 2007

Reventon Brand Name a Blowout

lamborghini-logo.gif Lamborghini has just introduced a $1.6 million car, and named it after a bull.

While bulls are symbols of power, speed, and virility, and the bull Reventón was particularly aggressive, the name Reventón doesn't have anywhere near enough sex appeal to match the car itself.

Reventón is Spanish for burst, which is fine if you think of a burst of power, but the word is also used to mean a blowout, as in a flat tire. It also means outburst, as in an emotional display.

Those connotations would have been lost on non-Spanish-speaking auto-fanciers before the Internet.

Now bloggers have the power to spread naming gaffes around the world in mere minutes, and the Reventón is likely to go down in history as second only to the Nova in awkward auto naming experiments. And, indeed, if you have a reventón, your car will no va.

reventon.gif Even without that problem, however, the name just sounds too clumsy. It doesn't have the smooth, rolling power of, say, Lamborghini. Even removing the n from the end of the word would give it a better sound, though for a car like this, a one-syllable name that whips past you at high speed might be more appropriate.

Too often, we buy products that don't live up to their names. In Lamborghini's case, the name doesn't live up to the product.

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Posted by Diane Prange at September 18, 2007 9:40 AM
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I totally agree with you. This name is absurd. Sounds like a financial services company. No power, no dynamics there. Among the automobile manufacturers I like BMW's way of using numbers or Merc's way of using alphabets to label their models. This puts the focus on "the" brand instead of creating gazillions of names, each with potential to fail in its market.

wow looks more than amazing, everything is fine with the design of Lamborghini because its always the best, i would say that the price of one million is too high for such poor peoples as me, anyway i agree that this car is worth of every spend cent.

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