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September 7, 2007

Milky Way 2 To Go Product Name Should Have Gone

A fascinating article by Monica Hesse in The Washington Post and reprinted by "A Dietitian's View" almost slipped under my radar screen this week.

Hesse points out that according to Datamonitor the number of foods with "go" in the product name (as in "on the go") has tripled since 2001.

This makes sense, because we live such a mobile, hectic lifestyle. She posits that people who eat food meant to be consumed "on the go" don't count the calories as much... as if snacks eaten on the subway or in your car don't really count.

But the term "on the go" is becoming grievously overused, and The Milky Way 2 To Go bar is an ideal example. In fact, if you think about it, "to go" or "on the go" are not product names but are category terms that are generic.

MilkyWay2.gifThe Milky Way 2 To Go bar is just a regular issue King Size Milky Way cut in half that in fact replaces the King Size branding space.

The So Good blog starts out by saying "Mars, Inc. Makes Me Want to Jab My Eye Out" because the name is so ridiculous. "Since when is a candy bar not 2 Go?"

Apples and oranges are "to go," too! But unlike an apple, this candy bar is actually harder to eat while driving than it was before, when it was just a King Size, or so claims Holstein Grove.

Bookofjoe trashes the name as well, although one of his responders notes that it might save somebody's marriage, as "uneven distribution of the Milky Way is in the top ten reasons why people get divorced."

The name is deceptive. The "2," I think, refers to the two candy bars... or two halves of one candy bar, depending on how you look at it. But Milky Way 2 To Go looks like Mars couldn't decide what to call it.

What is wrong with Milky Way 2 Go? I suppose they were worried people might somehow not understand that you get these two bars to go. They also have a "6 to Go" product, which is a little more logical... kind of.

What was wrong with the term King Size, I have to ask? Surely, king sized items are just as ubiquitous? Was the target market becoming predominately female? Did the McDonald's Supersize debacle scare off customers who wanted big food?

If it did, you only have to look at my blog posts on the subject to see that Big is Back when it comes to convenience foods.

It probably doesn't matter: I have a feeling that this name is not going to go anywhere, especially since Milky Way says that the 2 To Go candy bar is "perfect for sharing or saving some for later."

Well, if you are meant to eat them on the go, how can you... oh, never mind.

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Posted by William Lozito at September 7, 2007 8:09 AM
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Dead on analysis of the 2 to go bar. Very well presented from a marketing perspective and very enjoyable to read.

Thanks also for referencing Holstein Grove, even though my milky way post is an older one.

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