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September 6, 2007

iPod Gets a Classic Product Name

The big news this week is that Apple has revamped the iPod line and in doing so has tweaked their product naming.

iPodTouch.gifWe now have the iPod Touch, which is essentially an iPhone without the phone. One user points out that it's the first one-syllable product name in the iPod line. Lots of people would have liked to call it the iPod Feely, which is probably not a great name, and neither is iPod Smudgy.

iPodNano.gifThe new Nano, which has been leaked as Fat Nano or Fatty is now to be referred to, officially, as the 3G Nano.

The news that has really raised a few eyebrows is the fact that the current Video iPod is getting a facelift and more capacity and will be released as the iPod Classic.

iPodClassic.gif Now just hang on a darn second. A classic item is, well, one that's been around. One we know. Like Coke Classic. This is a newly revamped item that gets the classic brand name. In other words, nobody out there owns this classic item yet.

Blogger Chris Turner is starting to think that maybe there are just a few too many iPod names floating around out there. He suggests that when Apple puts the name classic on something, it's probably getting a spruce up before heading to the pasture the way Mac Classic was the last of its breed.

It's also a little crazy, notes another blogger, that a product that was the must-have item in 2005 is already relegated to classic status. Steve Jobs points out, "It's just called the iPod because it was the first one, and we thought: it's time to give it a name. We're going to call it the iPod Classic."

It's funny, but when we call something a classic, it's a good thing. A Porsche 911 is a classic design, for instance. The Parker 75 ballpoint is a classic pen.

But when a company actually uses the word classic in a product name that may not be such a good thing. The name Coke Classic, after all, was born out of the biggest debacle in the company's history.

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Posted by William Lozito at September 6, 2007 8:32 AM
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Thanks for the link, but I just wanted to point out that while Chris Turner did make the original comment about their being too many iPods, the comments on the Classic name are mine.

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