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August 7, 2007

Company Naming Changes: Moving East

This week's news that China's shares hit a new high underlines why company name changes often are made to appeal to this ever-expanding market.

dragon.gifAnd if you want to appeal to China, you want to come across as green and Asian friendly... something that BusinessWeek wrote about as far back as 2005.

Our proprietary 2006 Company Naming Changes Report profiles companies across the business spectrum that are interested in appealing to Chinese customers and partners, ranging from financial houses to technology companies.

chinasunset.gifEvolve One Inc.'s switch to China Direct and Comet Technologies' switch to China Sky One Medical are perfect examples of companies throwing their focus totally on China.

This month, Nevada-based EASY Groups Limited changed its name to China Bionanometer Industries Corporation.

All in all, at least 23 companies got the memo last year and changed their company name to include the word "China" or "Asia" In fact, the establishment of the dot-asia domain might be what SFGate calls "a new era of social, cultural and commercial cross-pollination on the world's fastest-growing and most populous continent."

This news comes just as many United States businesses are discovering that it is harder and harder to find Asian partners to get into China, despite the fact that laws in this regard seem to be getting looser... and more expensive.

Our report's "East Side Story" chapter outlines China-friendly company name changes that seem to be popping up with some regularity.

picture.gifSeems that Chinese customers want to do business not only with environmentally friendly companies, but also with companies that reference them, their needs, and their culture.

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Posted by William Lozito at August 7, 2007 1:18 PM
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